1.       Once you have Visited the website,  you can see many Deals on the starting page. You can find a search and also Header which contains STORE,OFFERS and NEW ARRIVALS.

2.       In the Search box you can search for any product which you are going to buy also you can find products browsing through the categories.

3.       Select the product that you wish to buy.

4.       Move the  mouse over the product to zoom it for detail view of the product

5.       For more than 1 quantity, click “+” and to decrease click “-“

6.       Select your choice of color, size etc. from options provided.

7.       Once all set to buy, click on “Buy this item” to continue.

8.       A new page will be opened showing your shopping cart and the total amount to be paid. 1 KD delivery charge will be added.

9.       Delete button at the right end of each row will cancel that particular product from your shopping cart.

10.   If you have any voucher to redeem, check the “I want to redeem my Voucher”, a box will appear if you have already logged in, where the voucher id has to be entered, else enter your credentials and follow the process .

11.   A new page will appear asking for your email ID if you are not logged in. I you do not have an account, check on “Continue without passwordelse, check on “I have a IIKBazaar account & password” and enter the credentials so that you are logged in to IIKBazaar.com with your details.

12.   Enter the shipping details. Make sure your email address and mobile number is correct.

13.   Then this is the final step for your order for making the payment. You have  options so make the payment with any following options like

·         Cash on delivery

·         Knet

14.   For cash on delivery (COD), the amount has to be paid when the product you chose is delivered at your doorstep.

15.   For knet, enter proper card number and other details.

16.   Have a happy shopping!!!!